Pregnancy Tests

We offer free pregnancy testing with immediate results. Contact us today.


If you are pregnant, an ultrasound will help determine how far along you are. We offer limited obstetrical ultrasound to determine the viability of the pregnancy. Services are free and confidential.

Pregnancy Counseling

You’re pregnant. Are you scared, excited, confused? We are here to help. Our professional, understanding staff offers a listening ear, support and education. We want you to be informed of all of your pregnancy options. No matter what your circumstances are, deciding what to do now that you are pregnant may be one of the bravest decisions you’ll ever make. We want you to receive accurate information in a safe and caring environment. We are here to answer your questions. Services are free and confidential.

Prenatal Medical Care

We provide free prenatal medical care through the first 16 weeks of pregnancy and assistance in securing an OB for the remainder of your pregnancy and the delivery of your baby. A comprehensive health history, ultrasound and/or doppler verification of pregnancy, appointments with our Advanced Practice Registered Nurse/Nurse Midwife, laboratory testing, pap smears, testing for sexually transmitted infections and prenatal vitamins are provided. Services are free with the exception of limited laboratory fees and all services are confidential. 

STD Testing

Most people with an STD/STI don’t know it, because infections have no symptoms. With or without symptoms, disease can still spread from person to person. Prompt treatment and early detection can help prevent complications of some STD/STI’s. Since many people in the early stages of STD/STI’s, experience no problems, screening is important to prevent complications.

Educational Classes

Our classes are designed for our expectant moms and dads to provide valuable information as you journey through your pregnancy. Classes cover such topics as prenatal development, nutrition, childbirth, parenting, child development, health and wellness, budgeting, continuing education and career opportunities, Bible study and other pertinent concepts. Services are free and confidential.

Client classes and support groups will be resuming shortly. Please continue to check back for the schedule. If you have an immediate need call (843) 689-2222.

Baby Layette

We understand that with a new baby comes the need for baby clothes, blankets, diapers, bottles and other baby accessories. We are happy to help supply you with what you need as you begin this new journey into parenthood. Services are free and confidential.

Post Abortion Support

If you are struggling after an abortion or if you care about someone who has been wounded by abortion, we are here for you. Hope, healing, and peace can be yours again. Services are free and confidential.

Adoption Referrals

Gifting someone with a child is one of the most courageous acts someone can do. However, considering adoption can be confusing. There is a lot of information to sift through. We have a network of credible and professional adoption agencies in the area to which we can refer you. In addition to a list of approved agencies, we provide free educational resources. Services are free and confidential.

Community Assistance Referrals

We understand that you may need support beyond the prenatal medical care, counseling and educational classes that we offer at the Center. We work with other local organizations to provide you with the community and financial resources that can guide you into a stable future. Referrals may include legal assistance, psychological counseling, transportation or housing assistance, English Language Classes, Medicaid enrollment. Services are free and confidential.

We do not offer, recommend or refer for abortions or abortifacients.