Come see us! We are here to help, and you can either walk in or call 689-2222 to make an appointment.

During your first visit, we will discuss among other issues your medical history. All of your information is absolutely confidential as we are HIPAA compliant.

Secondly, we will verify your pregnancy through a urine test and offer a test for sexually-transmitted infections. If required, and with your permission, we will do an ultrasound exam to confirm the pregnancy, determine gestational age, viability and location.

If positive, we’ll discuss all your options, including pros and cons of each choice. Go to the Adoption page to see some of your options. We’ll discuss all of the services we have available to help you.

We’d love to help you determine your probable due date, and monitor progress of mother and baby as accurately as possible through our free prenatal service available through the 16th week of gestation. Estimation of your due date can be determined via date of last menstrual period and/or ultrasound.

This first visit may take up to an hour; however, subsequent visits are usually shorter. After the 16th week, we will transition you for further care to another service provider of your choice.

What is happening with your baby during those 16 weeks and beyond? Click here to see a closer look at your pregnancy.