Choosing to carry your baby to term and parent him or her will open up a new world for you both; one which will be challenging yet profoundly rewarding. It will be perhaps one of the greatest roles which you will ever play in your life. In your parent’s era, the art of parenting was learned through the extended family. If parents, grandparents, and/or other close relatives did not live within the same household, they usually lived within the same community. Family was always available to share their considerable knowledge with the younger generation on many topics including pregnancy, childbirth, and raising the children. Today, because of the transient nature of society, it is almost rare that the extended family lives even in the same state!

Surfing the internet, reading books, taking classes, and talking to parents who have “been there done that” will provide some avenues through which you will learn creative ways of parenting. That is in addition to your application of your own morality, personality, and acquired knowledge. No one can tell you how it will be to raise your child; well, even if they did, you probably would not listen because you have your own vision about what childbirth and/or raising your child will be like.

Parenting can be a tremendous yet difficult and awesome challenge, potentially filled with joy, beauty and possible pitfalls. You need to ask yourself one question. Am I ready to undertake such a life altering experience? That’s why we want you to come in and talk with us before you decide. Let us help you factor in your stage in life, age, education, current work status or school attendance, and so many other issues. Just remember you are NOT alone, the staff of the Pregnancy Center is here to help you make the best choice regarding your current situation as it relates to your pregnancy.